How to remove Gtalk chat virus

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Gtalk is a great feature of google that allow you to IM-ing or chat with your friends, however this can be used to spead gtalk virus or malware, usually it just popped up in your window and ask you to go to some links or clicking attachments. Do not click any attachments or links from people you don’t know, because this is how gtalk virus starts and it can damage your pc or mac.

Here is the summary of the steps if you are using Vista:

1. Backup your files.
2. Go to start and type in “regedit” in search box, click “ok” for the permission.
3. In Registry Editor, navigate to Edit then “Find”
4. Type in: Explorer.scr
5. If you find it, delete it.
6. Restart your pc and it should be gone.